About Me:

Hi! My friend’s call me Addy. I’m a mindfulness practitioner, stargazer, and blogger. I first started writing for Yahoo Voices. After Yahoo changed management, the news outlet I so loved writing for closed down. Many writers were laid off. Because of the changes, I turned to blogging. I blogged for fashion magazines including Vogue China online and Elle Spain. I then founded my own fashion company in Miami and left to become a mindfulness practitioner. Now, I return back to blogging about a subject I am so passionate about.

My focus is to help beginners achieve mindfulness and meditation through evidenced based psychological practices.

Mindfulness practitioner and Blogger
  • Provides creative content for beginners in mindfulness.
  • Teaches about mindfulness for stress reduction and how to get started.
  • Provides support for beginners. Simply contact me if you have any questions about starting a practice.
  • Gives you tips on how to look at the stars.