Morning routine

why you should makeover your morning instead of snoozing

Quick video on how to makeover your morning.

I love sunny mornings and rainy ones too.  Each new day brings fresh possibilities and a chance to wake-up to life’s challenges.  How you spend the first morning causes a huge impact on the rest of your day. It sets the tone for your entire day.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself.

You set an early alarm to wake up and get out of bed. You plan to make time for a Yoga class or grab a cup of coffee. You have every intention of living your day to the fullest, but you never take the first step.

It happened to me before.  I planned to get up at 6:00 am and suddenly an hour had passed on snooze. Some mornings – hopefully, most mornings unlike me- you get up when the alarm sounds. It bolts you out of bed and you go for a walk outside. Then there are those days when you just can’t seem to get out of bed. You hit the snooze button multiple times, or turn the alarm off altogether, pull the covers up and go back to sleep.

Think of how the rest of those days went.

I noticed the difference in how I felt when I snoozed my cell phone alarm. I know that I yelled at Siri, but that’s another story.  I felt tired and sluggish.  I figured out that maybe my sleeping habits should change too.  Going to bed at 2 am isn’t exactly energizing the next day.  Maybe I should drink less caffeine.  I began analyzing my morning routine.  

Maybe that small change would be helpful to get more accomplished.  I set off to wake up on the first alarm.  I was able to carry through the morning without getting flustered.  Even the barista at Starbucks smiled kindly back when I thanked her.

This time around I was able to get to work without any setbacks arriving 5 minutes before my expected start. My routine was definitely smoother, but I certainly had a lot to work on since my to-do list hadn’t vanished into thin air either.

But face it, you might have a similar rushed routine too that might improve from a morning makeover.

In the next series of posts, I want to guide you through the process of a morning makeover. For the next day, observe how you feel carrying out your existing morning routine starting at the time the alarm goes off.   Write it down in a journal. Not only will you enjoy your mornings more, but it will also make the entire rest of your day go much smoother. 

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